Cellular Consciousness Healing

Discover what is going on beneath the surface of your emotional, behavioral or nutritional issues by tapping into the Cellular Consciousness (information) held in your Cells.

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To learn more about unlocking your full energetic potential, join me in my dynamic Shaking Up Your Chakras audio lecture series.

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The Sweetest Thing

The one consistent feeling is that there must be something more, surely somewhere there hides a treasure trove, where you can scoop up more significance and satisfaction in life. My new book, The Sweetest Thing, responds to that hope with a resounding yes!

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See upcoming events as well as pictures of the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, What Women Want Tradeshow, Hands of Light Workshops, Cellular Consciousness Workshops and many of my Chakra Workshops.

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Free Recording - Take 5 Minutes For You

Download a recording of the live call. Find out how you can carve out 5 minutes for yourself and live a life with greater meaning without struggle!

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Thank you for your interest in working with me!   You can book a session or a free 15 minute consultation…

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I have experienced many personal growth and energy modalities. After awhile, it seems, there truly is nothing new—most of the offerings…

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Della’s Personal Blog

Cellular Expression in PTSD. At a cellular level, PTSD may look as follows: The cell walls are healthy, “plump” and strong. The…

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Child Consciousness

A client contacted me to discuss some issues they wanted to remove from their life.  They told me they knew they were…

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